Confession time: the photo below is of an empty box.

It’s day 7, the last day of this super fun swap and my final parcel was a humdinger. A box of real, authentic Girl Scout cookies. Girl Scout cookies!


See, you have to understand that cookies are almost my favourite thing in the world (up there with ice cream and my cats, when they’re behaving). I can’t keep cookies in the house or I’ll eat them. Like, the entire box. I especially like interesting cookies with lots of ‘stuff’ in them. And I really, really like caramel. Way more than chocolate. Fortunately these cookies had both, and then some. For these were (for the brief time they were with me) sublime rings of coconut and caramel, drizzled with chocolate. And then they were gone. Wow, Girl Scout cookies have come a long way since I went door to door…

Faith, you sure know how to spoil a gal!

Categories: swaps
  • Vivianne

    LOL I hope you savored every crumb :-)

  • Voiedevie

    Girl Scout cookies – brilliant! And those are one of my favorite kinds. And to my way of thinking? They are very small boxes. :)

  • Marie/Underground Crafter

    Yummie!  Although my favorites are the ones with peanut butter and chocolate!

  • Norma

    Were your Girl Scout cookies chocolate coated.   I found these in NZ and they were very scrummy.   

  • The Nude Ewe

     Yup! If I’d known you had them there I’d have put in an order LOL!

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